Everything Is Wrong

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Eric Din: Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Mikey Stevens: Drums

Recorded at Eric Din’s house and Lost Monkey Studio.
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Rosen at East Bay Recorders.
Produced by Eric Din.
Artwork by Shannon Wheeler.

Everything is wrong,
Everything is wrong since you’ve been gone,
I don’t belong,
I don’t belong and everything is wrong

Everything is going straight to shite,
Been doing things that I don’t even like,
The government is married to the church,
My sweet cat died and everything is dirt

Everything is wrong,
Everything and everyone is wrong,
I took some advice,
It was good except that it was wrong

Everything is wrong,
Everything is wrong since you’ve been gone,
I don’t belong,
Now every big and little thing is wrong,

I’m not a bad dude, I want to do good,
Try my best but I can’t get along,
I do the things that my self-help books say bring happiness,
But I guess all the self-help books were wrong

I had a girlfriend who liked zen I used a pen
to write her then expressing my undying lo-ove,
She said I can’t rely on her or anybody else,
Cause none of us are defying the dust

Everything is wrong,
Everything is wrong since you’ve been gone,
I can’t go on,
I don’t belong and everything is wrong

I don’t even know what it’s about,
I can’t be certain even of my doubts,
I changed my haircut and my name,
They still got my number all the same

They’re making music with artificial intelligence
to be enjoyed by artificial life,
I’ll take it all in, watch babylon fallin’
Eatin’ popcorn with my artificial wife

Everything is wrong,
Everything is wrong since you’ve been gone,
I don’t belong,
I can’t go on and everything is wrong

Everything is wrong,
Everything and everyone is wrong,
Since you’ve been gone,
I don’t belong and everything is wrong

© 2017 Eric Roy Dinwiddie, King Roy Music, BMI

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Everything Is Wrong

New Single Up! The Laughing Man

OK! The Laughing Man, recorded at my home studio with guitars and voice. Mixed and mastered by Michael Rosen, artwork by Shannon Wheeler, original song by Paul Jackson and myself. Available for a buck. This fancy PayPal button will take you to the single page with mp3 and wav downloads, lyrics, and a handy web audio player. THANKS! I hope you enjoy. Peace and Love and Laughing uncontrollably, your Din

The Laughing Man
Digital single by Eric Din

Peace and Love and Matt Jaffe and a Jangly 12-String Rickenbacker! And puppies.

One doesn’t play a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, as much as one wrangles it. Yes having played one a bit, I am convinced that is the verb: to wrangle. It’s a wonderful instrument but like a herd of cattle it will wander about and moo. You can’t be sure where all the strings will go and it is impossible to keep completely in tune. Sounds amazing in the right paws. One cat who can truly wrangle a Ricky-12 is young Matt Jaffe. You may know him as a singer-songwriter rock star, and he is these things, but! He’s also a Rickenbacker 12-String Wrangler to be reckoned with. And reckon I did, when Mr. Jaffe helped me finish “Smokestax” – track #2 on my EP, and the only songwriting collaboration on the record. When we sat down with guitars to play the tune, out came the shiny instrument that immediately evokes Pete Townshend, Paul Weller, The Byrds, and scooters. Matt’s jangly wrangling added just the sparkle the song needed, and we recorded it at Michael Rosen’s studio a week later. I asked Matt to play thru the solo section, because I had left it open, not sure if I wanted to put a 6-string solo there. I was curious, really. Kid nailed it properly, and I kept it! So, trivia item, there are guitar solos on all of my songs (total accident!), and on Smokestax, the 12-String electric hollow-body Rickenbacker solo is wrangled by Matt Jaffe. I really love what he played.

How I MET Matt a few years ago, provides a perfect segue to my next post, which will be about Peace and Love and Matthew King Kaufman. Beserkley and Fun Fun Fun Records chief, and producer of many of the records I’ve played on, Matthew K called me in to play some gitfiddle on Matt J’s record. I was gobsmacked by the lad’s songs, and it was great fun recording with him and his super-tight band, The Distractions. Both these Matthews are my co-writers on Smokestax. We’re generations apart, yet we all share a love for guitars, especially electric guitars, in jangly and wrangly rock and roll music.

This has been my rambling jangling morning coffee-wrangling Peace and Love and Out post, from my Oaktucky outpost, on this fine day of our Lass, March the twenty fifth, two thousand billion zillion whatevers since the dawn of something. Good coffee.

Thanks Matt! Cheers all!

CD available in very small quantities thar:

Downloads infinitely cheaper and easily had, thar:

Oh, a picture. Must have a picture. Hmm. I don’t have a pic of Matt playing the Ricky, so instead, here he is with an adorable chocolate Labrador pup, a mountain bike, and what appears to be a Hacky-Sack. All good things.

Tons more pics and vids of Matt and his band here: www.mattjaffemusic.com. Go see ’em if ya can, they play often and they are fantastic.

Have a lovely weekend,


Peace and Love and Mikey Stevens

Drums! I can’t play them. Lucky for me, my good friend and UPTONES bandmate Mikey Stevens, plays them extremely well. I did this record sort of in reverse, relative to your standard guitar-rock type recording method. That is, I recorded the guitars and vocals first, then added bass and drums. The tracks actually sat for a while as I scratched my head thinking, “good lord, how am I supposed to add drums to this?!” I tried doing it myself, with a digital drum-trigger tool called a “HandSonic.” That was fun but I couldn’t get it to feel right. I also didn’t want to program the drums – even though tools to do that are pretty amazing these days – because no, Sam I Am, I do not like them on my rock ‘n roll Jams! I wanted a human baddass drumming person with limbs, ears and a heartbeat. Enter Mikey, whom I have done many UPTONES gigs and recordings with, with his sweet Ludwig drum set from like, 1950 or something. He set it up in Michael Rosen’s studio and played to the tracks, while I played bass. We rocked out and put it all down in an afternoon. Then like magic it sounded like a rock n’ roll record! It was really fun. I like fun.

Mr. Stevens runs Lost Monkey Studio in Hayward, CA, and among other amazing tricks, he’ll add live drums to your tracks and send ’em back to you via the newfangled Internets. We actually did a new one like this just recently, and I love how it sounds! So that’ll be on Peace and Love and Rock and Roll part Deux. Each track, each song in life, follows its own rules, and I have a few new ones in the works that I am excited about, including one, which started with (gasp!) programmed drums! (Huh!?) More on that later 😉

OK, I’m out! Thank you Mikey for the wonderful tracks and years of collaboration in and out of The UPTONES. You rock mieces to pieces.

Ladeeeeez and gents, Peace and Love and Rock and Roll part 1 – is available, only…… HERE!! –>



Oh, a picture! I have to add a picture or this wont play nice with the socialnets. OK, here’s Mikey onstage with The UPTONES, in 2008 at the East Bay Express “Best Of The Bay” shindig. He is shrouded in mist and fiery stage lights, but I promise you, that’s him! Bye for now, E